14 Best Tomato Varieties to Grow

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for a gardener who likes to grow food in their own garden. Canning and preservation that takes place along with growing produce will keep even the most homely gardener quite busy for a while. A lot of people get excited at the thought of growing some new things in their garden, such as tomatoes.

Do you know that there are 14 best tomato varieties to grow?

Yes, you heard it right!

Tomatoes are a very common ingredient that can be used in a very large variety of dishes. But how do you know which tomatoes are best suited for your needs?

Is there some other type of tomato out there that is better suited for you?

Luckily there are currently 700 types of tomatoes that are being grown all around the world so you can be sure that there is definitely one type that would be a good fit.

Due to their diverse uses in bringing flavor to so many dishes, they are considered a popular choice for homegrown food. This article will help you make an informed choice about which variety of tomato you should choose based on a variety of factors ranging from appearance to growth habit.

Here is the list of some of the best tomato varieties out there.

Factors that Contribute to Getting Varieties of Tomatoes:

Before we begin I would like to give you a general rundown of the factors that contribute to getting a variety on this list. First off is the disease resistance of a particular type. Before you can enjoy your tomatoes you need to first see to it that they are properly grown and the natural resistance of a tomato plays a big part in its health.

Different environments carry different diseases and different varieties can be more susceptible to certain diseases so you need to keep your area in mind when planting tomatoes of a certain variety.

Next we have a tomatoes’ lifespan:

This includes the time it takes to fully mature and also it’s shelf life. Before you plant your tomatoes you should make sure that you have enough space to grow the tomatoes since even the shortest of tomato plants require at least 2 to 3 feet.

Celebrity Tomatoes

The celebrity tomato looks exactly like what you would picture when you think of tomatoes. They are nice and round in shape with a dark red color making them look quite delicious.

Celebrity tomatoes are very easy to grow since they require very little care and tend to reach a height of about 5 feet, depending on the depth and condition of your soil. Due to this height they require some sort of support to stay upright and not get dragged in the soil.


A celebrity tomato plant takes approximately 70 days to produce a fully matured tomato. They usually produce the best results when grown in nutrient rich soils.

If you’re looking for heavy yields of tasty tomatoes, check out Burpee Celebrity Tomato Seeds. You will be very pleased!

Black Cherry Tomato

The black cherry Tomato, as the name suggests, is a cherry tomato that is black in color and looks quite similar to how a cherry looks. They are small in size but the plant yields a high quantity of these tomatoes.Click To Tweet

Things to remember:

It takes approximately 65 days for the black cherry tomato plant to produce its fruit. These tomatoes have been described as sweet by many and usually go well with salads but you can also eat them like any other fruit. The plant itself reaches a height of 6 to 8 feet which is why it’s a good idea to plant it in cages or build a trellis for support.

If you are looking for an easy to use fertilizer spikes; no wasteful runoff, no mess, hazards or smells, check out Jobe’s Tomato Fertilizer Spikes. Highly recommended!

Brandywine Tomatoes

The Brandywine tomatoes are considered some of the best tomatoes in the world on account of their large size and great taste. They are quite large with a round shape and sport a deep and healthy shade of red. The Brandywine tomato plant takes about 90 to 100 days to produce fully matured fruits.

Things to remember:

The best results are produced if you keep your soil fertile and well drained. The pant can reach up to a height of 9 feet which is why it is advised that you plant the Brandywine tomato outside your home.

This variety of tomato prefers a slightly acidic soil. You should also take note about how to properly use the nitrogen based fertilizers since knowing when to use it or when not to can encourage more fruiting.

For delicious, firm and juicy large tomatoes, check out Organic Pink Brandywine Tomato Seeds by Marde Ross & Company.

Chocolate Stripes

The heirloom tomato was bestowed the name “chocolate stripes” due to the unique color pattern of the fruit itself. It is red but with brown stripes running down it in places. This unique look makes it seem like an exotic fruit and adds a certain appeal to your garden.

This large fruit is known to be quite sweet hence why people usually enjoy it with salads or eating it bare. Due to its large size it has been known to weigh, on average, about 1 pound. The plant finishes producing its fruits in about 70 to 80 days and ends up reaching a height of 6 feet.


The chocolate stripes tomato requires very good care so you should know that when the vines start to grow, you should stop using nitrogen based fertilizer because it inhibits the growth of tomatoes. The pests that come on the tomato should be taken care of immediately and the top layer of the soil should not become dry.

A very popular variety, delicious, firm and juicy large tomatoes is Organic Chocolate Stripes Heirloom Tomato Seeds by Marde Ross & Company. Check it out!


The beefsteak tomato is probably one of the most common types of tomatoes out there and is loved by all due to its large size, dark red hue, and amazing taste. Beefsteak tomatoes take at least 85 days before they are ready to harvest.


The Beefsteak tomato variety itself has multiple different varieties. Some are more suited to different climates, some produce fruits that are twice as big as a normal beefsteak tomato, and some yield a very high quantity of tomatoes. The beefsteak tomato plant can reach up to a height of 6 to 8 feet.

If you are looking for an organic, no chemicals used and better than anything you can buy at the stores, check out Beefsteak Tomato 25 Seeds by Jacobs Ladder Ent.


Yes, that is what it is called. But this hard-to-pronounce tomato has been described as deliciously sweet with a slight citrusy taste. This yellow tomato is not all that common which is why it would make a very unique addition to your garden.


It produces fruits in about 75 to 80 days and usually they number around 20 to 25. The best part about this tomato is that, in regards to the climate, it is very tough to take down since it can bear quite a lot of heat and is drought resistant. It can reach a height of about 6 to 7 feet so it’s best that you provide it with some support.

If you are looking for a very sweet and crack resistant variety Blondkopfchen, check out Blondkopfchen Yellow Cherry Tomato by Duncan Seed: tomatoes

Black Krim

Black Krim tomato is one of the more popular varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Their reason for being so popular is that they are unaffected by the climate of their home. It produces medium sized fruits and is known to have quite a vigorous growth meaning that the fruit grows quite rapidly but it still takes 90 days to produce a fully mature fruit.

8 hours of sunlight is ideal for the plant but make sure that it gets a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight and as far as maintenance goes, it requires very little effort to take care of a black Krim tomato plant.


This plant is known to be at least 4 feet, minimum. The most unique thing about the black Krim tomato is its color. It is dark purple in color and the fruit itself is medium sized but is still very delicious.

If you are looking for a high yield, indeterminate, organically grown seeds, check out David’s Garden Seeds Tomato Beefsteak Black Krim!

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The Azoychka tomato can be mistaken for a lemon at first sight on account of its magnificent yellow color. The Azoychka tomato is quite popular for its citrusy and fruity flavor. It tends to produce about 50 fruits per plant so you might want to think about preservation before you plant these babies.

Even though the average height of these plants is 6 feet, they have been known to reach a height of 12 feet sometimes so you definitely don’t want to risk growing this inside an apartment, make sure you grow it in a garden.

Things to remember:

Due to this very large height, the plant requires some serious support to stay upright and not sag under its own weight. This plant can survive in hot warm and cool climates but take, on average, about 70 to 80 days to reach full maturity.

Marde Ross & Company’s Organic Yellow Azoychka Tomato Seeds is a popular, delicious, and juicy large Azoychka. A must try!

Amana Orange

The name of this tomato might give you some clue as to what it looks like. Yes, it is orange. This is an heirloom variety tomato and at full maturity weighs 2 pounds and has a very large size, as compared to other tomatoes. Amana Orange has a very sweet and fruit like flavor and would definitely be a very nice sight for anyone who lays eyes on your garden.


It takes approximately 80 to 90 days to reach full maturity and when the plant is fully grown, it can reach a height of approximately 7 feet. It requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight daily.

If you are looking for 100% certified organic, flavorful, low-acid and meaty flesh tomatoes, try Seeds of Change Certified Organic Tomato, Amana Orange. Highly recommended!


No, that is not delicious as in good tasting. That is delicious tomato, the tomato’s name. These are the kind of tomatoes that you see in stores and probably the kind you use every time you cook.

Things to remember:

This plant can reach a height of 6 to 8 feet so make sure you give it plenty of room to grow and provide some support so that the plant does not sag. Like all other tomato plants the delicious variety also requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight a day. On average, it takes a delicious tomato plant 81 days to produce fully matured tomatoes.

50 Giant 7 lb “Delicious” Tomato Seeds by RDR Seeds produces large red meaty tomatoes. A must have for your garden!

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Dixie Golden Giant

As the name says, these tomatoes are golden in color and since they are of the beefsteak variety, they tend to grow a lot in the size department, usually weighing a pound or more. These tomatoes take 85 to 100 days before they are ready for harvesting.

Things to remember:

When planting the Dixie golden giant you need to make sure that your soil is fertile and well drained. It’s taste has been described as very sweet with a fruity undertone and a meaty texture. The plant can reach a height of 6 feet so you need some sort of support for. Metal cages and trellis are some of the most popular choices for support.

TomatoFest Dixie Golden Giant Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds is an American favorite. Large, yellow tomatoes that are fabulously sweet. Check it out!

Cherokee Purple

Cherokee Purple are medium sized and purple colored tomatoes. This exotic color is sure to bring something new to your garden. The Cherokee purple plant takes about 80 to 90 days before its tomatoes are ready for harvest.

This plant has an average height of about 5 feet so you can probably grow it indoors if you like but the plant would still require some form of support to stay upright.

Things to remember:

The soil needs to be constantly moist, well drained and rich in nutrients. Make sure that the soil pH is slightly acidic, around 6.5. This tomato is a warm weather crop so make sure that you are away from cold climates since the frost tends to kill this plant.

100 Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato Seeds by RDR Seeds is not only amazingly sweet and perfect for slicing, they also bring a beautiful purple flare to your food and to your garden!

Better Boy

The better boy tomato looks just like what you would expect a tomato to look like. It is a round, medium sized, red fruit that you can see in the stores. This type of tomato reaches its maturity faster than other tomatoes; it takes only 70 to 75 days to be ready for harvest.

Things to remember:

It is best to plant this outside and provide vertical support since the plant itself can grow anywhere between 5 to 8 feet. Like all other tomatoes you need to make sure that the soil is always moist, well drained and nutrient rich. You need to watch out for a couple of different pest with this plant and the blossom end rot disease can also be a huge problem.

Better Boy Tomato Plant by Clovers Garden is a great performer with big hybrid-quality yields of succulent, juicy yet meaty tomatoes. Highly recommended!

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A lot of people get excited at the thought of growing some new things in their garden, such as tomatoes. Do you know that there are 14 best tomato varieties to grow?”>
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